How to take great fine art nude shots

make the model feel comfortable…

  • consider how brave they are, to take their clothes off and be vulnerable in front of your camera
  • ask them how they are feeling, make them feel comfortable by giving them the feeling that they are seen and appreciated
  • let them get to know you as well
  • do not use their photos without their permission, if needed write a little contract.
  • do not force any positions, let them move the way they want and come up with their own ideas
  • you only adjust the light and the camera settings
  • give them the feeling that you are doing it for themselves and not for you, the best compliment of a fine art nude shoot is when the model tells you: “thank you I have never seen myself like this before. You showed me a different side of myself.”
  • make the model interact with furniture, props, clothing items or curtains, sheets etc

use the light wisely

  • work with studio lights, candles, reflectors different backdrops
  • try to create a vision in your head a mood that you want to transmit, example “the morning after”, “bodyscapes”, “playful encounter”, “wild at night” choose a title for your series and try to choose an idea that suits the model’s character
  • in comparison to a fashion shoot it is all about the model in this case and her/his well being, sexuality and body positivity

Colour or black and white??????

an endless discussion between photographers…

other ideas are double exposure with green backdrop