“Freedom” – A Photo Exhibition about Australian Summer

Where: Elfenhaus seminarzentrum Wädenswil, eintrachtstrasse 7, 8820 Wädenswil

when: Vernissage 17.00, 07.01.2023

No entrance fee

Celina Schroeder, originating from Wädenswil ZH, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with the main subjects in painting and photography from the UNSW in Sydney and a diploma in branding from the WDKA in Rotterdam. With her unique education combining the fields of commercial as well as artistic photography, Schroeder focusses on the technical as well as expressive (story telling) aspects within her work.

After living and working in Australia for various years, Schroeder finally realised her dream of traveling the West coast of Australia. “Most people told me the East coast is nothing compared to the West coast, and they were right!” The secluded beaches, the spacious roads and the diverse environments enchanted me with their beauty and inspired me to create a landscape photographic series of a selection of places I visited.