A Photographic project about men – Be my Muse

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Project Duration
2 years – 3 sessions per model

I am looking for a few male models, who are willing to meet up with me. The project includes a few photography sessions, the creation of video and imagery material and most importantly an interview about the male perspective on love.

My intentions to create such project are to encourage the communication between men and women. In my opinion the misunderstandings between men and women root on the fact, that they merely manage to talk to one another efficiently. Most of the time, I experience that men do not dare to share their perspectives, since they feel their ladies are not interested in what they have to say.

For this project I am looking for 7-10 open minded and communicative men, who share their views on dating, lust, love and sex with us.

If you want to be a part of this project, please send me a message to my business E-mail: with an image of you and a small introduction of yourself and your intentions for joining such project.

A small fee will be charged to cover the studio costs and gallery fees. Prospectively the project will be exhibited internationally, please consider in advance that you are okay, that the photos of you will be exhibited worldwide before you commit to this.

I look forward to your applications.


Sluni xx