How It Started/ How it is going

Monster, 2011

The Year 2011: I chose to go to a high school with a focus in arts and music. For half a year we had a photography course in the dark room and that was the moment I fully and completely fell for this form of art. Analog photography changed the way I started to look at the world around me. Instead of seeing content, I started to see light, form, shade, shapes, interactions between people and movement. I did not listen to what people said, but I payed attention to how people would speak. Their gestures, their body language, their clothes.

When I finished high school I moved to the other side of the world, Australia, where I lived for approximately one and a half years. I deepened my interest for photography by working for a real estate photographer’ s family business in Sydney.

My strong desire to explore the country led me further to NZ and finally to a farm in a small town in Queensland, where I took a lot of nature shots of that breathtaking scenery that I found myself in. The impact that the nature of Australia had on me is still to find in my work. It has something really peaceful positive on it.

After the outback “adventure” I had the chance to improve my skills by working as a food photographer in a Cafe in the heart of Sydney.

Finally, my path led me further to the Netherlands, where I am studying photography at the moment.

This year, 2019, I could also celebrate the opening of my first Solo Exhibition at “The Attent” in Rotterdam. The title of the exhibition was: “What is healthy”.

Exhibition Flyer, Leonardo Pantuso, 2019