Do you enjoy to dance and perform?

It only takes you a few minutes to send through your application to be our next featured performer. All you have to do is to download and fill out the form below and submit a video of yourself dancing to our drive.
To hand in your application is free of cost and credits to the artists will be given on all our social media channels.


  • The video should ideally be a dancing video of yourself.
  • The video should ideally be around 30 seconds to 1 minute long.
  • If multiple people are involved in the process of the video making, please ensure that you have the written permission of all parties involved, before the official publishing of the playlist. We do not take responsibility of misunderstandings and a change of video material after the publishing of the playlist can involve additional charges.
  • You have to be of legal age, or have the permission of a parental guardian to submit your application.
  • You understand, that you give Sluni full rights to promote, distribute and use your film material on all our channels once your application is successfully submitted.
  • You understand, that a submission of your video does not guarantee for your video to be featured on our social medias and our coming playlists.
  • You understand, that if you have been accepted by our editorial team, that if you are not featured in our current playlist on our social medias, there is a chance to be automatically featured on our next playlist.

About us:

Sluni has been founded in 2017 and is an art collective consisting of musicians, performers models and content creators all around the world. It is a non profit organisation based in Australia, advertising all parties involved in the making. To contribute your videos and general content is of free cost and all credits will be given to the makers on all our social media channels. At the moment our projects are still TFP based, however we provide networking services and events and advertising to a broad crowd free of cost.

Previous submissions: