The Butterfly

what is broken or damaged can still live

Butterflies are usually seen as a fragile animals. When I traveled in the Northern teritory in Australia I found this little fella in a paddle in the Litchfield National Parc. Its wings were damaged and although the colours of its wings were still bright, I was sure it was dead or at least unable to fly. I sunk my hands into the paddle and tried to fish it out of the water, I wanted to burry it somewhere next to the main path, so at least no one would step on it by accident. This is when I was caught by surprise: When I lifted my hands from the water, it started to move and then as if it wanted to say you “Fuck you, I am still strong and alive, I choose to lie in this paddle on purpose” – it flew away, back in the cooling water.

I was highly impressed and of course happy that this beautiful animal is still alive even though being damaged. Exactly this butterfly that I found in the Litchfield National Parc in Australia, became a symbol for me. It became a reminder, that fragility is beautiful. That not everything that is fragile is weak, but instead beautiful and that what looks broken and damaged can still live.

In other words I mean: We should appreciate our weak sides and even more embrace all our scars and failures and see it as a beautiful part of us; A sign of how life has built us and a reminder of where we want to fly next.